Managed Service Programmes

Market-leading managed services for your contingent workforce, ensuring you win back time and savings for your business.

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Streamline your contingent workforce

Gain full visibility and control of your contingent workforce, whether they are temporary workers, contractors or professional service providers.

We manage your sourcing, engagement, administration and pre-employment vetting through a single process, creating a supply chain that’s streamlined and stress-free.

Our agile approach and ability to scale means we can guarantee cost savings and access to quality contingent talent.

Our managed services helps you make the right workforce decisions for your business, from deployment, to people strategy and cost management:

  • Compliance

    Gain 100% compliance with 24/7 pre-employment screening.

  • Cost efficiencies

    Benefit from 18% savings on average.

  • Intelligence

    Receive advanced insight and analytics through industry-leading technology.

  • Time to hire

    Reduce time to hire by 70% for high-compliance roles.

  • Control

    Have complete visibility and control of your recruitment.

Why choose us?

With 60 years’ experience as an industry leader, we are a trusted provider of managed services across the UK, giving our clients unrivalled access to talent. We have expert recruiters in 20 sectors nationwide, with proven expertise in sourcing talent and hard-to-find skill sets.

Case studies

Local Authority

We engaged with 15 customers to implement a single solution that meets the needs of all parties - all within 12 weeks.

Retail Banking

We deliver a managed service solution that incorporates the supply of multiple staffing categories across a national network of sites. Using our specialist teams, we directly fill the majority of requirements ourselves.

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Local Authority

We transitioned the London-based council to a hybrid managed service to deliver efficiencies and added value.

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