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Organisations can face significant challenges when acquiring and retaining the right skills to enable them to operate successfully and drive growth. Our recruit, train, deploy solution provides a strategic and proactive model for identifying new talent, building the skills you need, and ensuring that employee potential is optimised.

We work closely with you to understand skills gaps and design a bespoke recruit, train, and deploy solution that delivers the skilled talent you require. Where relevant, we will engage with our equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging (EDI&B) partners to develop attraction strategies targeting diverse talent pools, and support individuals in accessing new skills and roles within your organisation.

Recruit: we deliver targeted attraction and sourcing to find new talent, selected to meet your skills and employee value proposition (EVP) profile. Our streamlined process, recruitment technology and high-touch recruitment team ensure reduced time to recruit and candidate engagement throughout.

Train: our experts design and deliver a tailored and unique training programme to address your specific skills gaps. The programme includes trainee support and mentoring, quality, and progress checks throughout, and a final assessment.

Deploy: onboarding and deployment of a skilled and diverse talent pool of ‘role-ready’ employees. Our deployment programme includes a range of employment options to provide flexibility of resource engagement. Additionally, outcome management can be provided to ensure that employees deliver against their role objectives.

Designed to suit you...

Reed Talent Solutions’ recruit, train, deploy model will provide your business with a bespoke skills development programme, and access to new and diverse talent, while empowering you to improve lives through work.

The model is designed to be fully flexible and can be adapted to meet your organisational requirements.

By adopting our recruit, train deploy programme your organisation can:

  • Reduce the skills gap

  • Access new and diverse talent

  • Reduce the cost of talent acquisition, training, and management

  • Increase retention of talent and skills

  • Ensure quality and learning outcomes are met

  • Adopt flexible deployment options enabling resources to be engaged when you need them, or to retain skills longer term

  • Open up skills and careers to new communities and give back by improving lives through work

Reed Talent Solutions and the UK National Contact Centre Academy join forces to tackle the contact centre talent shortage.

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