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Reed Talent Solutions is a specialist provider of contractor management services, trusted by our clients for over three decades to deliver full contractor workforce control.

We provide a low cost, efficient and compliant solution for directly-sourced contractors, enabling you to manage your workforce effectively and address the challenges presented by regulations and IR35 reforms. Our solution is scalable and works for contractor populations of any size.

We also manage a network of approved Freelancer & Contractor Services Association (FCSA) regulated umbrella companies, allowing you to choose the companies your partner with to source the right talent.

As a dedicated contractor management office, we can provide tailored, continuous engagement with your contractor population, supporting their wellness and performance, as well as enabling redeployment, and ensuring talent retention.

Reed Talent Solutions offers you a digitally enabled contractor management process via our proprietary contractor management system (CMS), as well as advanced onboarding, management, and payroll.

Our CMS provides consolidated and detailed contractor workforce analytics and intelligence through one platform, enabling better workforce planning and decision-making. It also allows you to engage contractors, while capturing spend through a single, IR35-compliant solution. The low-cost, in-house payroll function provides online timesheets, invoicing, payments, and expenses, making the payroll process straightforward and seamless.

We also have a 24/7 screening and pre-employment vetting services to offer you the reassurance that your contractor population is fully compliant to the levels you require, fast. This also provides full assurance of adherence to legislation and regulations such as IR35, Ltd company, and agency workers regulations (AWR).

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