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Today's recruitment challenges are unique and complex, so businesses need fully flexible, bespoke solutions. Designed to optimise and enhance your existing recruitment strategy, our enterprise recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution is built around your requirements.

Reed Talent Solutions’ fully outsourced recruitment solution delivers against all aspects of the talent acquisition process to source, engage, hire and onboard the talent you need. Our RPO solution is designed to address demand and help you meet the recruitment challenges you face in a vast and ever-changing labour market.

We give you access to the people you need by curating talent pools of potential candidates with the right knowledge and skills to work in your organisation. These pools allow you to rapidly scale up your capacity to meet unexpected or fluctuating demands. We embed your employer brand at every stage of the process, protecting and promoting it, ensuring your employee value proposition stands out while supporting your equality, diversity, inclusion, and belonging programme.

Working with us as your RPO provider will empower better budgetary control and save your organisation money. We provide you with the best talent acquisition technology available, enabling you to enhance the decisions you make and allowing you to plan and forecast through market insights and talent analytics.

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