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Our early careers recruitment services...

We’ve been running our own new and early talent programme in house and creating effective versions for clients for over 25 years. 

If you are looking to recruit the very best new or early talent, we can help you develop a clearly defined strategy to attract the right people.

Whether you are searching for graduates, apprentices, school leavers, interns, or those starting out on a fresh, new career path, Reed Talent Solutions has a vast array of experience across the whole talent landscape. 

From employer branding and attraction to selection and onboarding, our solutions are designed to seek out the breadth of talent you need to take your organisation to the next level. 

Recruiting is only the first step. Our programmes can help support skills development, while our talent advisory services will allow you to not only attract, but retain, the very best people. 

We manage the entire spectrum of new and early talent programmes. Our inclusive approach means we don’t only offer advice on the attraction and selection, but on equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging (EDI&B) and on how to create an employee value proposition (EVP) that truly resonates with the talent you want.   

Graduate recruitment

Reed Talent Solutions’ graduate solutions provide organisations with access to the very best talent, aligning candidates’ skills and potential with the right opportunities. 

We can source and screen candidates, as one of the UK’s top graduate recruitment companies, providing advice and support to organisations including where to place advertisements and how to increase the diversity of the candidate pool during the recruitment process. 

From screening and assessments to interviewing and onboarding, we provide a complete solution to allow organisations to reach the next level by attracting top talent. Our ability to successfully combine the latest recruitment artificial intelligence with human interaction means the hiring process is seamless as it can be.  

Apprenticeship programmes

Our range of apprenticeship services allow us to support organisations to overcome skills gaps and use their levy funds in the most efficient way by training existing teams or developing a new generation of talent. 

At Reed Talent Solutions, we already deliver apprenticeship programmes in accounting and human resources. In response to growing IT skills shortages and client demand, our services now include immersive apprenticeship solutions in tech and digital, which include: 

  • Cyber Security Technologist Level 4 

  • Software Developer Level 4 

  • Data Analyst Level 4 

  • Data Technician Level 3 

We understand apprenticeships can be complicated and time-consuming, but our solutions mean we can: 

  • Design and implement a tailored apprenticeship programme to free up your time and resource. 

  • Support the recruitment and selection process, if required. 

  • Help your organisation explore how to fully utilise apprenticeship levy funding.

  • Guide you through transferring or receiving surplus levy funds. 

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