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Is your organisation short of the right talent and skills? Reed Talent Solutions provides an alternative to traditional recruitment methods via our recruit, train, deploy model. We can source, train and supply people to your organisation to enable you to add value immediately.   

Tailored talent strategies target entry-level candidates, career changers and returners, as well as underrepresented groups - supporting individuals to access new skills and roles. Our simple and accessible selection processes ensure prospective employees are selected based on their potential as well as cultural fit. 

Our industry-renowned learning and development team delivers bespoke training to ensure role readiness, along with coaching and mentoring programmes.   

Flexible employment options as well as outcome-based models allow engagement of resource in the way that works best for your business. Ultimately, our recruit, train, deploy solution will provide your organisation with cost-effective access to new and diverse talent, closing your skills gap and developing talent for your business's future.

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