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How can we help you?

Reed Talent Solutions can help your organisation create an employee value proposition (EVP) that will be recognisable and resonate, acting as a driving force to retain and attract the best talent.

Working within your existing EVP or by helping to shape a new one, we can provide advice on messaging and how to encapsulate your proposition in your communications to existing and potential employees.

Our experts can analyse your organisations’ existing EVP to see how its reach can be maximised within the recruitment process, and how levels of engagement can be boosted among your incumbent workforce.

Our goal is to ensure your EVP is not only reflected in everything you do internally and externally, but that its authenticity shines through. From salary benchmarking to making sure your benefits align with your values, Reed Talent Solutions will make sure the hygiene factors of your EVP are in place while living and breathing your proposition throughout your candidate experience.

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