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Our volume recruitment solution provides a rapid and scalable response to changing business demands and workforce challenges, ensuring all roles are filled at speed and deliver a return on investment, without compromising on quality. With years of experience in delivering volume campaigns, we can deploy services and stand up a bespoke solution for your organisation within a matter of days.

Our market insights, tools and market-leading access to talent enable us to design and deploy a talent acquisition strategy that will source and engage candidates. We can ensure high volumes of professionals are sourced, vetted and deployed at pace.

We work closely with you to map out your requirements translating them into talent pipelines, using the right sourcing channels and selection process to ensure successful delivery. Our processes are tried and tested and incorporate all key areas including:

  • Workforce and campaign planning

  • Candidate attraction

  • Applicant screening and selection

  • Onboarding, payroll and reporting

We have a scalable talent acquisition function which can be ramped up in all specialist areas. Reed Talent Solutions’ team will work closely with your organisation to ensure any volume project delivers the desired results, within the timeframe specified.

A digital-led process enables large volumes of candidates to be recruited using the assistance of automated tools, improving the candidate experience, upholding your employee value proposition, considering your equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging (EDI&B) programme, and reducing the time to hire.

Our 24/7 screening service completes over one million candidate checks every year, guaranteeing your compliance from the start. All your candidates will be vetted using our fast, reliable service.

Throughout our time working together, we will use our campaign analytics tools to continuously monitor results and take proactive action to adapt our approach where needed.

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