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Reed Talent Solutions supports people who hold protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010. This is something we do both internally and externally by supporting recruitment practices based entirely upon merit.

As an equal opportunity employer, we encourage our co-members to be their true self at work and promote this ethos to our clients and candidates.

We encourage diversity through inclusion training, by empowering parents, our commitment to closing the gender pay gap, and through our inclusive recruitment policy which offers equal opportunities for all at Reed Talent Solutions.

We specialise in the design and execution of talent acquisition strategies that support our clients EDI&B agendas and continually evolve to ensure the latest research and thinking is applied. We ensure our solutions and suggestions are realistic and provide our clients and candidates with an inclusive, fair, and positive experience. We can help you formulate your goals, promote your organisation as a company that welcomes people from a diverse background and collate data so we measure your progress and improve where necessary.

Lee Gudgeon

Managing Director, Reed Talent Solutions

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