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Local & central government


  • Managed service programme


  • We trained more than 400 managers 

  • More than 600 bookings were aligned 

  • 69 support suppliers were onboarded 

The challenge: 

Our client, a London-based council, sought the help of Reed Talent Solutions to complete a large-scale change management programme in just 10 weeks. 

The local authority’s go-live date was fixed, which meant there was a limited time to complete what was a complex transition from a neutral vendor to a hybrid managed service programme. 

Along the way, we needed to train more than 400 managers on new processes, and to design and build our vendor management system – including an interface with the council’s own finance systems. 

To achieve all of this, it was necessary for us to recruit dedicated onsite support to oversee the whole process quickly and efficiently. 

The solution: 

In order to support the required transition, Reed Talent Solutions worked closely with our client, including through the provision of a dedicated project manager, internal training champions, and a supplier relationship team. 

Our project manager was able to build all the client’s requirements into a comprehensive project plan, with deliverables and strict timescales. 

This work made sure we were able to complete the implementation on time. 

We allocated specific individuals in all service areas to support training and to ease the transition to the new service for their colleagues. 

Our supplier relationships team held ‘meet and greet’ sessions for all suppliers to introduce Reed Talent Solutions’ processes. They also conducted onsite training sessions for key supplier in order to further support the change. 

The results: 

Our well-managed implementation project ensured every one of our client’s requirements were met on time and as required. 

From day one, our vendor management system was fit for purpose, and 90 new booking were successfully filled in the first three months. 

Our relationship business partner is onsite five days a week and has developed a close working relationship with the client. 

In all, we have trained more than 400 managers, aligned over 600 bookings, and onboarded 69 support suppliers.

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