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  • Recruiter on demand 


  • Implemented our ‘recruiter on demand’ solution to clear a recruitment backlog 

  • Parachuted our experienced talent partner into the client’s talent acquisition team 

  • Progressed 20 roles to the hiring stage 

The challenge: 

Due to a variety of internal factors, one of our existing managed service programme (MSP) clients, was facing a recruitment backlog for a number of permanent business-critical roles. 

Our client's internal recruitment team were stretched due to an increasing volume of imperative permanent requirements. This came at a time when our client had also been impacted by planned and unplanned leave within their internal recruitment team, creating an urgent need for contingency. 

Reed Talent Solutions was engaged to support the client and hit the ground running over the festive and New Year period. 

The solution: 

The organisation was initially looking for a cost proposal to take on a segment of their backlogged roles en-masse. 

This, however, would have left them in a quandary, as they would have been offered no guarantee of success and the budget would have not matched the solution. 

Instead, Reed Talent Solution’s triage service identified that our ‘recruiter on demand’ solution was the best answer in this case. This solution involved Reed Talent Solutions placing an experienced talent partner on a short-term secondment within the client’s talent acquisition team. 

Our expert had the necessary skills, tools and knowledge needed to tackle the client’s challenge head on, with experience of recruiting very similar permanent roles for another client within the same sector. As our own flexible resource, we were able to embed our talent partner into the team quickly, so they could attend systems and process training with the client in a time frame that suited them without worrying about delays with notice periods. 

This was identified as the most cost-effective solution that provided the least disruption and provided continuity of service for the client’s current team. 

The results: 

Both the client and our talent partner said the partnership could not have been more positive. As well as providing a full handover at the end of the secondment, the client received extensive feedback from our talent partner’s time within the team, advice and tips on where they felt the client’s recruitment processes could be improved, some commentary on the IT systems, and tips to be passed to key hiring managers across the organisation. 

This feedback was well received and appreciated by the client and circulated to service director level. It also drilled down into some of the minutiae of individual roles, such as distances between schemes and changes the client could consider to aid attraction to the hardest-to-fill vacancies. 

In the six weeks of the secondment, despite covering the most challenging of the client’s geographic locations, 20 roles were progressed to hire, with future interviews booked. 

Our client’s head of service said they had received excellent feedback from hiring managers and they added that there would be no hesitation in asking the same talent partner to return in the future.

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