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Professional services


  • Recruiter on demand


  • Rapid mobilisation of expert support

  • Reduced backlog across hundreds of open vacancies, and an improved candidate and hiring manager experience

  • Expansion of services from screening and administration to proactive recruitment activity

The challenge:

Our client was experiencing acute resourcing challenges across their recruitment function due to resignation, sickness and parental leave.

They required immediate support in handling the large number of applications they were receiving for a specific project to recruit high volumes of editorial positions.

As a well-known and respected brand, candidate numbers were not an issue, however with the recruitment team at significantly reduced capacity, their recruitment manager was being overwhelmed and there was a risk of damage to the company’s reputation through delayed processes, and poor candidate and hiring manager experiences.

The solution:

Reed Talent Solutions was initially contacted to provide one ‘on-demand’ recruiter to augment the remaining client team support with candidate screening and interview management for a four-to-six-week contract.

This was done with the intention of clearing the backlog of applications during a proactive recruitment drive.

This service quickly expanded to two, and then three heads, due to the workload required and the positive feedback from our customer’s hiring manager community.

Following the success of the initial campaign, the client requested to further increase the scope of the contract to include additional functions and areas of their business (commercial and corporate roles).

During this time, the assigned recruiters were managed directly by the client - similar to a contractor model - in order to ensure they were fully accessible and able to complete any tasks required of them.

Later in the relationship, a change in resource was required to provide more senior-level support and cover for the recruitment manager themselves.

This then grew to the Reed Talent Solutions team supporting with proactive recruitment campaigns across editorial, commercial, and corporate functions, all within the on-demand recruitment model.

The results:

The initial four-to-six-week administrative support campaign expanded in size, scope, seniority, and responsibility into a 10-month long recruitment project, supporting the client in managing successful fulfilment of hundreds of vacancies, from entry level telesales roles, through to senior creative editors and account directors.

This flexible approach to resource and activity enabled the client to manage their own internal recruitment team hiring and allowed for various areas of their business to benefit from the experience and adaptable support provided by Reed Talent Solutions.

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