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Combining our people-led approach with the latest technology, we supply industry-leading talent solutions for organisations including NHS trusts and local authorities.

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Putting patients and users first

We work in partnership with NHS trusts and local authorities to help you reach your goals and maintain safe staffing levels:

  • Talent

    Cover all your specialist roles, including agency supply.

  • Technology

    Gain simple and streamlined e-rostering for recruitment and deployment.

  • Accountability

    Let our on-site or off site recruitment teams fill shifts and reduce cancellations, freeing your time up for other business.

  • Self-reliance

    Reduce your agency spend through our dedicated bookings team.

  • Satisfaction

    Focus on your workers' wellbeing to enhance their productivity and quality of care.

  • Compliance

    Guarantee 100% compliance from day one through our audited pre-employment vetting.

"Tasked with reducing agency usage and increasing bank uptake, we've had to put tough measures in place. Reed Talent Solutions have been nothing short of superb – supportive, engaging, and above all, friendly."

Why choose us?

We understand just how much time a company loses when trying to juggle the complexities of multiple recruitment agencies. We currently deliver outsourced services to over 60 clients, each one crafted to be flexible and tailored to individual business requirements, and offering:

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Case Study

Supporting a London NHS Trust to maintain ancillary service continuity during Covid-19

Establishing a fully functioning ancillary staff bank for a leading NHS Trust in just 4 weeks.

  • Smooth transition of service without disruption
  • 100% fill rate
  • Recruitment technology platform built in just 10 days
  • 164 workers deployed in first week
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Let's get started

Speak with our expert team who can advise you on how our solutions can help your business.

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