Preparing for Brexit: central government recruitment

Since the EU referendum in 2016, the UK has been preparing for its eventual exit from the European Union. After years of uncertainty, the time has come for central government to review recruitment plans.

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Since the EU referendum in 2016, the UK has been preparing for its eventual exit from the European Union. After years of uncertainty, the time has come for central government to review recruitment plans and consider its current recruitment models and supply chains, as the countdown to the end of the transition period begins.

EU exit implications

There are many challenges that departments and businesses face over the transition period, and beyond into 2021, as the government implements new policies and the UK feels the full effect of leaving the EU. There will be an increase in administration, changes to policies that were previously governed by EU law, and we could also see budget cuts and staff and skills shortages.

The pressure to work effectively with minimal spend, whilst focusing on delivering your business strategies, can be difficult to manage. The UK is expected to need an additional 50,000 staff to cope with paperwork following its EU exit.

Central government will need to recruit for these roles in a short space of time, meaning that in-house teams may struggle to handle all the requirements of the organisation, and focus on business as usual tasks. In addition to the time constraints of recruitment, it is becoming more difficult to access talent, with severe skills shortages in multiple sectors.

Reduced recruitment budgets will require careful, controlled spend, which is why frameworks offer the most economically advantageous solution.


Frameworks provide organisations with access to products and services from an approved list of suppliers that are complaint with regulations. Each supplier has been assessed as financially stable, with a great track record, experience and technical and professional ability.

The frameworks have pre-agreed terms and conditions that suppliers adhere to, ensuring that whichever organisation you choose, there will be no lengthy process of agreeing terms of service.

REED is proud to be named on numerous government frameworks. We will happily discuss the frameworks that we are on in more detail to see how you might get the best solution and outcomes for your business.

We offer a range of complex solutions that enhance or remove certain aspects of the recruitment process, giving you access to the best talent and alleviating the administrative burden of the EU exit.

What we do

Managed Service Programmes – We manage sourcing, engagement, administration and pre-employment screening across the entire supply chain, freeing up your time to focus on other business goals.

Workforce Management and Payroll Solutions – We manage compliance, on-boarding, and payroll, enabling you to achieve efficient, low risk and cost effective workforce engagement.

Services Procurement and Statement of Work - We manage the strategic buying, contracting, delivery, reporting and payment of consultancy and professional services, offering you full control of the project and consultancy spend.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing - Armed with the latest technology, unrivalled access to talent, and the most efficient processes, we streamline your recruitment journey. We make sure that your recruitment solution is cost effective and delivers impressive time to hire results.

Staff Banks - Working in partnership with NHS trusts and local authorities to ensure that the right staff are in post at the right times, and that safe staffing levels are met. We take responsibility for delivering a cost-effective, compliant and professional workforce. Whether your focus is the fulfilment of shifts, agency management, talent attraction or delivering the highest levels of patient care, we’ve got you covered.

It’s essential that you review your current recruitment strategy, have a clear idea of what the next 12 months will look like, and how to combat the shortages. Now is the time to act to protect and ensure your future talent.

Kiran Herkanaidu Linked In
Kiran Herkanaidu
Business Development Manager

Kiran has a background in risk management and employment screening, with a wealth of experience in the high compliance nature of the public sector and a strong understanding of recruitment frameworks and procurement regulations.

He is responsible for developing sustainable client relationships and designing bespoke recruitment solutions for Central Government organisations and a champion of Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.

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Managed Service Programmes

Market-leading managed services for your contingent workforce, ensuring you win back time and savings for your business.

  • Take control of your contingent workforce
  • Managed service from sourcing through to invoicing
  • Compliance and control of legislative and regulatory risk
  • Effective supply chain management
  • Market-leading VMS and MI

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