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8 January 2022

The aim is to create an all-inclusive approach to talent management. Such a solution can become a driving factor in a company’s talent acquisition strategy.

This company-wide approach is a way for businesses to break down traditional barriers between their permanent and non-permanent workforce.

By bringing together HR and procurement a total talent management solution can ensure an organisation is using the same strategy across the board to engage top talent.

The benefits of total talent management

Total talent management can bring a number of benefits, including:

  • The ability to better respond to wider business strategies

  • Saving money on bad hiring practices

  • The ability to evaluate which skills are available across the total workforce

  • Faster delivery of talent

  • Improved workforce productivity through effective deployment

  • Greater visibility and control of workers

Bringing permanent and non-permanent workers together into a total talent management solution can lead to greater alignment across a business, managed through a single point of contact.

Total talent management also allows a consistent employer brand across an organisation.

In general, most businesses cater their brand towards permanent talent, but as talented workers embrace greater flexibility it will become increasingly important to build a brand that works for contingent workers, too.

A successful total talent management solution will empower an organisation to focus on the value workers can provide without focusing on their employment status, leading to the creation of an agile workforce.

The challenges of total talent management

Total talent management may be becoming an increasingly popular option, but that does not mean it comes without any challenges.

The implementation of a successful, ongoing total talent management solution is complex, difficult, and highly specialised.

To be certain of success it is important to partner with a professional managed services provider.

However, with better communication, integration and technology, total talent management can definitely work.

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