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The increasing role of automation in the recruitment process is beyond doubt – but is it really what candidates want? 

The ultimate goal is to create a process which is both efficiently automated and humanly personalised, one which finds the perfect balance for accessing, engaging and retaining talent. 

The question is, how do recruiters achieve that balance? 

A Reed Talent Solutions survey of 1,000 people aged 18 and over who earn £30,000, or more, and had started a new job at a new company in the last 12 months, highlighted a series of findings that both challenged and reinforced preconceptions around the use of automation and human interaction in the recruitment process. Key findings included: 

  • One in five of those surveyed didn’t apply for their role digitally 

  • Almost half of respondents have withdrawn from a job application process in the past 12 months, with many saying it was too slow or not enough role/company information was available 

  • Only 13% of candidates self-scheduled their interview via an online system/calendar 

  • 72% of people said they were frustrated at not being able to speak to someone about the job they were applying for 

  • Two-thirds (66%) of respondents said they received no form of interview feedback 

Our eBook, based on these findings along with expert analysis from Ken Brotherston, Chief Executive of TALiNT Partners, Julie Hinchcliffe, Managing Director, Contingent Workforce Solutions, Reed Talent Solutions, and Ben Park, Senior Vice President of Technology at Tqulia Automation, delves into the complex issue of how to find that perfect balance between automation and personalisation. 

The eBook looks at important questions within the recruitment process, including:  

  • What is the role of automation? 

  • How does human interaction play a part in the recruitment process? 

  • What do candidates really want? 

  • How do you achieve a blend of efficient automation and human interaction? 

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