Delivering one of the UK's largest staff bank solutions

We manage a fully outsourced staff bank for seven northern hospitals, employing over 17,000 staff. We cover everything: recruiting Bank-only workers, deploying them into shifts and managing their performance and compliance.


The Challenge

Since being appointed as the client's Nursing and Midwifery Staff Bank Partner in 2016, we have collaborated with them to address two significant issues:

Cost reduction and staff quality. The expense of agency supply was putting increasing pressure on the client and they desired a higher quality of staff to meet the increasing demand for their service.

To deliver significant change, we needed to reduce the cost of staff supply and improve the recruitment process to attract higher quality workers.

The Solution

We employed five initiatives to drive this change:

1. Increasing engagement with hiring managers
We conducted ward visits to collate client feedback, enabling us to forecast staff demand and scrutinise attraction channels.

2. Improving attraction techniques
We increased the number of channels and enhanced the content of our promotional campaigns.

3. Enhancing the recruitment process
By reducing the number of touchpoints, we shortened the process and enhanced the worker experience.

4. Reducing agency usage
Assigning workers to specific booking coordinators enabled us to build stronger relationships with individual workers, better identify suitable wards and better promote self-fill hours.

5. Implementing a cost reduction strategy
We designed a strategy to contain, reduce and absorb costs through dedicated agency management and detailed management information.

The Results

Despite the demand for staff increasing by 25%, key achievements from our initiatives included:
  • 78% increase in Bank hours filled
  • 50,000 more hours a quarter self-filled – this was double the original
  • 10% increase of overall fill rate – within the first 6 months
  • 250 workers added to the bank each quarter
  • 5 weeks average time to hire – this was against an SLA of 12 weeks

Through our cost reduction strategy, we have saved the client over £500,000 in 9 months alone. By increasing the number of Bank hours filled, we have decreased the average cost per hour by over £1.20. This is a significant saving against the 1.65 million Bank hours required a year.

Staff Banks
  • 450 nursing shifts filled every day
  • 100 workers recruited every month
  • £557,726 saved so far

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