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Local & central government


  • Employee engagement


  • Carried out staff surveys and produced value statements to establish the authority’s existing employee value proposition (EVP) 

  • Produced a comprehensive report outlining the council’s EVP 

  • Created a new EVP to help boost recruitment and retention at the authority 

The challenge: 

Our client, Warrington Borough Council, wanted to revamp their employee value proposition in order to improve recruitment and retention within their adult services department. 

The authority had been dealing with challenges in these areas which were making it hard for them to fully staff their teams. 

As a result, they had a high number of vacancies, which meant they had been unable to devise a long-term strategy and had placed higher demand on existing staff. 

The council needed Reed Talent Solutions to understand what their unique employee value proposition (EVP) was, and to create an action plan that would allow them to improve their recruitment process. 

The solution: 

Our experts used their strong understanding of how harnessing EVP can dramatically improve both recruitment and retention, along with our long-standing successful partnership with the council to address the challenge. 

A workshop with the council’s senior leadership team was used to introduce the idea of EVP, and to identified what they believed it was. The findings from this meeting were condensed into value statements. 

An online survey was then created and sent out to the entire adult services department. This survey covered all aspects of EVP, examining existing contractual benefits and pay as well as people’s experience and emotional ties with the council. 

More than 70 people responded to the survey, while we also met and engaged with the senior leadership team. 

The survey results and value statements were tested through conversations with 10selected staff members, meaning Reed Talent Solutions was able to create a picture of the council’s existing EVP. 

We then deployed two HR consultants to create a final report. 

During this whole process, Reed Talent Solutions went above and beyond for the council, putting on face-to-face and virtual workshops. 

The results: 

Reed Talent Solutions was able to deliver a compelling report defining the council’s EVP, something that was completely new to them. 

As a result of our solution, the council can now utilise their EVP within their recruitment process and people strategy. 

They have also gained an understanding of why people stay with them, enabling them to reinforce important messages to new and existing talent. 

Head of Service Assessment and Care Management Adult Services at Warrington Borough Council, Carla Strudwick, said: “Reed Talent Solutions’ team have been brilliant to work with. 

“They’ve had great feedback from our team, delivered the brief with no issues, and left us with an excellent plan to go into the future recruitment campaigns.” 

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