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Companies are beginning to treat employees like customers to win them over, but what are the secrets that make sure your organisation can attract and retain the best people?

Our guide, ‘How to create an EVP that resonates’, provides the answers to this and many other questions around employee value proposition, with hints and tips from EVP experts Annie Parry, RPO Operational Excellence Director, Reed Talent Solutions and Steve Dilley, Managing Consultant, Consultancy+, part of Reed Talent Solutions.

No matter what size a company is, where it is located, its structure, or the services it offers, recruiting and retaining talent is a top priority.

One way of not only staying competitive and attractive in the hiring market, but also making sure employees remain happy, engaged, and loyal, is by developing a strong EVP.

An EVP that resonates can hold far more value for employees than just a salary and it can do wonders for your employer brand, demonstrating a company’s dedication to the workforce and providing a good environment to work in.

Conversely, businesses can face negative impacts if they do not have a strong EVP, including:

  • Failing to meet hiring or organisational goals, putting their teams under extra pressure as a result

  • Increased recruitment costs and a higher rate of people leaving leading to the need for more recruitment

  • Having to offer higher salaries to compensate

  • The loss of talented people, who are costly to replace

  • A reduction in service and capability, leading to a loss of customers

By downloading this guide, you will discover what EVP is, the difference between EVP and employer brand and how to build your own EVP.

The guide looks at the key steps to building an EVP that resonates, including:

  • Being honest, accurate and unique

  • Defining your employee persona

  • Looking at what you offer – and how it can be improved

  • Shouting about your EVP

  • Managing and monitoring your proposition

It also looks at examples of companies such as Google and Nike which have developed propositions that truly resonate.

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