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19th Mar, 2021

Daniel Youds
Daniel Youds
Job Title
Solutions Director

Unprecedented times may be the most overused but most appropriate phrase to describe what we have all experienced over the past year.

The talent acquisition challenges that we faced pre-pandemic, from candidate shortages in all sectors, differentiating your employee brand for early talent groups, and evolving more attractive compensation and benefits, now seem like distant memories.

Now our focus has shifted to how to recruit effectively in a virtual world and deploy a new workforce remotely whilst still delivering an exceptional candidate experience.

Reed Talent Solutions, in our capacity as talent acquisition experts, have had to adapt quickly and decisively to continue adding value to our customers. We have focussed our efforts on solving these new challenges for our clients, such as:

  • How do you continue to identify and engage the best candidates when recruiting against roles that may have previously attracted tens of applications, but are now attracting applicants in the hundreds?

  • With candidates placing greater emphasis on how an organisation has supported the wellbeing of its employees through the pandemic, how do you adapt your employer brand to keep it relevant?

  • How do you ensure that unsuccessful candidates, who could in some cases also be customers, continue to have a positive experience of your organisation?

  • How do you engage candidates effectively through a virtual selection and onboarding process?

  • In organisations that have had to increase recruitment to meet staffing peaks associated with Covid-19, how do you augment your existing resources and teams to deliver the best and most cost-effective outcomes?

  • Conversely, organisations who have been negatively commercially impacted by Covid-19 find themselves having to do more with less. How do you ensure you concentrate scarce resources on the strategically important actions and partner with cost-efficient providers for the transactional marginal value activities?

The talent acquisition landscape is rapidly evolving. Organisations require increased flexibility to choose not only full outsourcing options, but also the freedom to pick and choose services on a modular, on-demand basis to support their teams in the short to medium term.

That is why Reed Talent Solutions offer the following additional services:

  • On-demand – Immediately scale up your talent acquisition and onboarding capacity to meet fluctuating demands.

  • Full or modular – Use an end-to-end solution, or only select the services you need to enhance your existing team’s resource.

  • Advisory – Re-design your talent acquisition methodology for the new reality and support transition and contingency planning.

As we navigate the roadmap to normality, these challenges are set to stay with us throughout 2021. To ensure your business is ready to face them effectively, get in touch today.

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