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  • Early careers, apprenticeships and graduate recruitment 

  • Upskilling and reskilling 


  • Reskilling via apprenticeships to fill vital software developer roles

  • Achieved cost savings through avoiding both redundancies and additional recruitment costs

  • Enhanced career opportunities and development for employees who could otherwise have faced redundancy

The challenge: 

Our client, a large UK bank, faced multiple challenges around recruiting early talent roles in software development, namely: 

  • They had a large apprenticeship levy contribution, but were not utilising all the available funds meaning they had a surplus of unspent levy. 

  • They wanted to identify potential talent in back-office functions and their contact centre in order to enable them to join their technology team as apprentices. 

  • They required a flexible apprenticeship delivery model with immersive learning upfront to quickly reskill the new talent. 

Their challenge was to join the dots between the available apprenticeship levy money and developing their workforce via reskilling.  

While there were ongoing challenges in hiring into tech and digital roles, the contact centre was faced with redundancies, meaning talented and loyal employees were faced with losing their jobs while positions in another area of the organisation were unfilled. 

There was therefore a need to develop an apprenticeship programme that would allow career development, greater internal mobility and the safeguarding of those jobs via reskilling. 

The solution: 

We worked with our client utilising our bespoke psychometric testing portal to identify those employees, regardless of their skills, qualifications and experience, who had the attributes of a software developer. 

Once identified, those employees were moved on to an apprenticeship, utilising levy funding and creating a vital pool of internal talent. Multiple candidates were trained on the software developer apprenticeship, while also being equipped with problem solving, presentation and team working skills. 

The results: 

All of the candidates who were identified were able to successfully complete the software developer apprenticeship. 

By identifying talent across finance, the contact centre and other support functions who had the attributes of software developers, we were able to utilise the apprenticeship levy and reskill those workers. 

By reskilling existing employees, our client not only protected their workforce and made cost savings in avoiding redundancies, but were able to save money in additional recruitment costs linked to the increasing costs of hiring into tech and digital. 

Our client was able to fill critical tech and digital roles, while improving retention and enhancing the career opportunities of individuals who would otherwise have exited the business. 

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