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Master vendor, neutral vendor, hybrid. Which managed service programmes (MSPs) provide the best access to talent given the current challenges facing talent acquisition teams?

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James Bridgland, Managing Partner for Consultancy+, discusses the implementation of managed services and the benefits of allowing for consultancy spend within a managed service programme (MSP).

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Reed Talent Solutions has been nominated for the Staffing Solution of the Year Award, as part of the HSJ Partnership Awards 2022.

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With today marking the beginning of Autism Awareness Week, we at Reed Talent Solutions wanted to highlight the importance of inclusivity in your recruitment processes.

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With over 1 million businesses at risk of going under without financial support, and households trying to manage their outgoings, demands on banks have increased massively. We explore how financial service operations can meet this unprecedented demand.

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We’re working hard to support UK employers through the COVID-19 outbreak. As part of this we have collaborated with the Home Office, DBS, and politicians to develop our new 24/7 Fast-Track Recruitment Service.


Since the EU referendum in 2016, the UK has been preparing for its eventual exit from the European Union. After years of uncertainty, the time has come for central government to review recruitment plans.

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With the changes that Brexit will present, there is likely to be an impact on temporary workforces within the housing sector. This is because recruiters are increasingly looking to EU nationals to fill skills shortages.

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