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IR35 contractor payroll solutions

IR35 in the private sector is just around the corner – it is coming into force in April 2021, and this time, after two close calls, it’s (almost) certain to happen. This article explores the different options available to gain compliance.

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The proposed legislation changes have been delayed until April 2021 as the Government attention shifts to the COVID-19 pandemic. But where does this leave private sector businesses?

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IR35 is fast approaching and if you’re found to be inside the legislation changes, it can feel like a race against the clock to gain compliance. Watch our free webinar to understand your next steps.


IR35 is being rolled out into the private sector from April 2020, but even with the deadline fast approaching there’s still confusion regarding what the changes mean for businesses.

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A review has been launched into the implementation of IR35 legislation in April 2020 - but what do the changes mean and how can businesses ensure they are efficiently prepared?

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As a business that delivers change projects and consultancy, the changes in the application of IR35 legislation has a big impact on us and our clients. Whether it is making sure we are managing the legislation effectively, or helping our clients ensure they are handling it effectively, it has an impact on what we do.

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IR35 reforms are set to be introduced into the private sector from April 2020, significantly impacting the way organisations engage contingent labour. It’s critical that businesses seek guidance from specialists to effectively navigate these changes - Richard Smith explains how to get prepared.

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