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Local & central government


  • Recruitment process outsourcing


  • Recruited 3,500 new starters inside 12 months 

  • Scaled recruitment team from six to 36 

  • Filled 100% of roles ahead of the contract go–live date 

The challenge

Our client was losing valued employees to rival organisations and needed to supplement its existing talent with an additional 3,500 staff, over a time period of 12 months, to deliver against multiple new contracts. 

Two of the contracts won by the client were among the largest available in their respective sectors, meaning the existing recruitment team would need to scale up rapidly to meet demand and provide the access to talent our client required. 

We knew our client’s competitors would also be recruiting heavily, so it was essential our advertising was effective in attracting the right talent. And that the recruitment process was both smooth and engaging to prevent withdrawals. 

The solution

We appointed two additional talent managers to own the respective new contracts supported by two additional account managers, two talent leaders and a project manager to manage overall responsibility for the initial implementation period. 

As the client’s existing recruitment partner, we were required to continue our current recruitment model, but to scale up 400 per cent in order to deliver a 3,500 full-time equivalent expansion project. 

Operationally these roles ranged from entry level to director level, while support roles included technology, finance, HR, marketing, projects and business development. Our solution had to cater for a wide range of niche skillsets as well as volume requirements. We utilised the following methods to ensure we delivered an exceptional service, this included: 

  • We utilised video technology for both one-way and two-way video interview stages, eliminating potential process delays 

  • Using existing online deployment technology we managed workforce planning for 1,100 hires 

  • Introducing a bespoke management information (MI) suite by contract 

  • Agreeing project-specific service level agreements (SLAs) for different types of roles, as well as in-campaign checkpoints/reviews 

  • Partnered with companies making redundancies within the sector and locally to source talent 

  • Provided interview support in any hot spot areas or where our client lacked resource 

  • Our experts amended the recruitment process which included completing a detailed audit of the interview process, and removing any unnecessary complexities 

The results

We successfully provided 3,500 hires over a 12-month period for our client’s numerous new contracts/services. 

Not only did we achieve this in the required time frame, but we also filled 98 per cent of roles through the RPO, which minimised costs significantly. 

We have become an embedded element of the wider HR team, creating a stronger working relationship with key stakeholders. 

Furthermore, this project has enabled us to support: 

  • Client satisfaction – as suggested by subsequent satisfaction surveys 

  • 3,500 successful placements (any withdrawals back filled) 

  • Reducing the time to offer for the client to 18 days 

  • Our client to secure additional contracts which will see delivery of a further 250 hires 

  • All client contractual obligations with the Department for Work and Pensions successfully met 

  • A project review with HR and business excellence teams to understand how improved project processes and MI can be adopted for future activity 

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