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Financial services


  • Volume recruitment


  • Rapidly recruiting between 40 and 90 temporary workers at pinch points throughout the year 

  • Filling roles at short notice and for short tenure agreements 

  • Providing an onsite presence for a two-day training process 

The challenge:

The work carried out by our client, a major share dealing service, requires them to employ a large number of temporary workers – ranging from 40 to 90 – for a short period of time on several occasions throughout the year. 

These workers are engaged in telephony in our client’s customer services centre, share dividend outputs by post, and enquiries relating to change in personal details – with the end of the financial year the busiest period for them. 

Challenges include recruiting in volume at short notice – between two and four weeks – and for a short tenure agreement of between three and six weeks. 

Recruiting people for administrative clerical customer work, in offices based across the UK. 

The solution:

To address issues over volume recruitment and candidate attraction, our solution benefitted from: 

  • A bespoke talent attraction campaign using our talent attractions methodology of research, build, deploy and measure 

  • Access to 22 million candidates  

  • Access to the full talent market via artificial intelligence, automated search software scouring all job boards and CV databases 

  • Deploying our chatbot technology to manage large application numbers, including pre-screening the candidates to meet key selection criteria 

  • Allowing successful candidates to self-schedule telephone interviews with our acquisition teams, giving them control over when their interview takes place 

  • A robust interview process that quickly establishes suitability for the role 

  • For all volume campaigns the team will ensure there are contingency workers via a talent pool to manage dropouts prior to start date to ensure 100 per cent delivery 

To ensure full visibility of the recruitment campaigns we provided our client with bi-weekly updates to key stakeholders ensuring the customer is aware of the pipeline, offered candidates and those successfully vetted. 

We provided an onsite presence, at which candidates start and Reed Talent Solutions form part of the initial two-day training programme covering all of our processes, payroll, and ongoing engagement, ensuring our customer can focus on the specific role training. 

Some of the requirements require shift patterns and as such we are onsite for both shift start times. 

The results:

Our client said: “We have worked with Reed Talent Solutions for over seven years and they have always delivered 100 per cent of requirements, on time and without the need to use any other supply chain.” 

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