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Emergency services


  • Services procurement


  • Successfully transitioned a group of engaged suppliers 

  • Established a solution of contingent, permanent and consultancy requirements for the CTPH 

  • Established a compliant route to market that offers the best suppliers at competitive rates 

The challenge: 

Reed Talent Solutions’ consultancy wing, Consultancy+, was approached by our client, the Counter Terrorism Policing Headquarters (CTPH), to mobilise their existing resources through compliant framework offerings. 

While doing this we needed to ensure clearance, vetting and compliance aspects were satisfied.  

The managed service covered the following aspects including who was delivering services via Capita, ensuring there was no disruption to the service, transitioning suppliers in a seamless way, using the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO)framework, and delivering cost efficiencies. 

The solution: 

After taking time to understand our client’s requirements, we advised them on the correct solution and agreed timelines to move the consultants to deliver services to the client via the YPO framework. 

By undertaking this initial project, we were able to demonstrate our expertise, meaning the CTPH was confident to partner with Reed Talent Solutions on their statement of work and consultancy spend projects. 

We carried out an initial scoping exercise to determine key objectives, a solution, actions, and a deadline. 

The YPO framework was signed-off and cost-effective commercials agreed, before we contacted suppliers to offer assurance, support, and information. 

Throughout the process we supported the onboarding of suppliers with a dedicated supply engagement manager. 

Reed Talent Solutions also helped the CTPH to capture the work, milestones, and payments via an order form on our contractor management system. 

The statement of work was then issued to suppliers. 

In addition, system training – including invoicing and milestone management – was offered to help the client transition to the new system. 

The results: 

Throughout the project, we were able to work in an organised and proactive way to quickly transition a small group of engaged suppliers and enable the CTPH to resource for complex projects. 

As a result of our solution, the client can now be assured all consultancy requirements can be swiftly and skilfully managed and that they have a compliant route to market that offers engagement of the best suppliers at cost-effective rates. 

The CTPH now has an established solution for all their contingent, permanent and consultancy requirements, and can engage with the best suppliers while securing their requirements without delay. 

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