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Local & central government


  • Services procurement

  • Statement of work 


  • 24% saved as part of an IT system review 

  • Fast Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) compliant route established 

  • Improved compliance and vetting process secured 

The challenge: 

Like many public sector organisations, our client had been successful in diversifying their supply base and using smaller, more local firms for consultancy work. 

They were using suppliers across a full range of services from highways and engineering to IT transformation and healthcare, and this made procurement of services very difficult as there were very few ‘repeat buys’. 

This was leaving procurement out of the buying process and unable to add value.

In addition, they were struggling to get a handle on their consultancy spend, which seemed to be growing. And, there was little consistency and oversight in terms of the contracting process, costs, or performance measures.

When they looked into this, our client found they were even struggling to classify what was and wasn’t ‘consultancy’. As such, they were looking for a partner that would help them with the end-to-end process to cover: 

  • How to develop scopes of work that flow through a contract 

  • How to triage what types of suppliers and contracts were needed for different engagements 

  • What value looked like in terms of rate cards and deliverables 

  • How to attract SME suppliers while still having a fair and competitive process 

  • How to ensure compliance, including around IR35 

  • The best way to achieve visibility across their consultancy population easily through self-service management information and data analytics  

The client was keen to align their consultancy and services strategy with the recruitment process, to ensure best value was being delivered when engaging temporary staff. They also wanted to ensure that this would feed into their triaging process so they could have confidence that service providers were engaged in the right way to ensure value for money, as well as quality of service and appropriate contracting route. 

The solution: 

Reed Talent Solutions implemented a three-phase strategy to address our client’s issues: 

  • Finding an effective and compliant contracting route 

This was a priority so the client could engage with suppliers on time-critical projects. We work with clients across the public and private sector and belong to a number of different contracts and framework.

For this client, it was important to ensure an Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)compliant route and so we engaged through the YPO940 Framework.

We aligned this with our approach of obtaining service user buy-in to make sure preferred suppliers were compliant to high framework standards. This allowed our client to procure suppliers effectively and quickly for both new and existing projects. 

  • Strategic sourcing of providers 

Following the onboarding of preferred suppliers, we started to source new providers. As a proven market leader in this space, we have over 1,000 contracted suppliers we can deploy with a client as part of a services procurement solution.

These suppliers range from multi-national organisations and the ‘Big 4’ through to microbusinesses and SMEs.

Our supply chain is built so all suppliers have a fair opportunity to be part of it and to view and bid for work – this ensured our customer could access local, niche and SME suppliers as part of their procurement processes.

Our service included tailored onboarding and compliance, bid management, contract and payment management, alongside full reporting across spend and projects. 

We also added in our triaging process, whereby we reviewed requirements to look at the most effective contracting and engagement type – which also took account of best value and benchmarked pay rates through our unique and rich dataset of consultancy engagements and projects. 

This allowed the organisation to make informed decisions around the types of services and solutions that would best suit any given provider. 

  • Introducing consulting experts 

We brought in consultants under management, ensuring compliance with industry standards to give our client peace of mind. 

As part of this, we structured all contracts under a statement of work to ensure the client was monitoring outcomes from our inhouse delivery and project management office team. 

This meant when the procurement team were looking at a piece of work from a specialist category, we were able to engage a trusted expert to help them scope that work and understand the nuances of the delivery. In turn, this ensured a more robust scope of work, more accurate supplier assessment and a more informed decision around the type of procurement process and supplier required. 

The results: 

During the delivery of our service, we have helped the client achieve several of their goals: 

  • Clear visibility and control of multi-million pound spend across children’s services and IT. This has allowed our client to answer freedom of information requests faster and more accurately than they ever have in the past. 

  • Introduction to new suppliers across projects, from system reviews through to highways consultancy and feasibility studies. This has increased the amount of competitive processes by 300% of the contract term to drive more competition and value. 

  • Strategic sourcing processes have allowed us to procure services on a range of projects from technical architecture and highways through to a whale bone excavation specialist, which has given the service user population the confidence that if they engage with the service they will be able to find the suppliers they need. 

  • Increased influence over professional services ‘buys’ – introducing competition from an earlier stage meaning a saving on procurements of more than 20%. 

  • A more engaged and robust supply chain that has visibility over the procurements, the bidding process, and the outcomes. They also have a fair and level playing field on which to bid so suppliers of all sizes can be engaged in the solution. 

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