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Emergency services


  • Statement of work

  • Volume recruitment


  • Delivered more than 100 former officers, with niche skill sets 

  • Designed long-term engagement plans, recognising the investigation could continue for a number ofyears  

  • Agreed remuneration packages that allowed the police forces to attract talent from a wider area 

The challenge: 

Our clients, two police forces working jointly on a large-scale investigation, did not have the resource needed to manage the size and scale of the operation. 

As such, a project team was required to deliver various elements of the investigation, including statement taking, carrying out interviews, evidence gathering and data indexing. 

This work was needed to compile the case ready for prosecution. 

In all, the equivalent of 130 full time workers were required, all of whom would need to be former police officers possessed of niche and hard to find skills – such as holmes indexers. 

The investigation is expected to continue for between three and seven years. 

The solution:

Working alongside the two police forces, we designed the best solution to deliver the project, and compiled the resources required. To do this, we worked with our consultancy arm, Consultancy+, and our security-cleared professional recruitment experts. As part of the project, we: 

  • Identified the resource needed based on the outputs of the investigation. 

  • Identified the niche skills sets required, such as holmes indexing. 

  • Understood the urgency of the demand, with high volume needed at short notice. 

  • Worked with the police forces to agree a remuneration package that would attract consultants travelling in from outside the local area – this was done to expand the available talent pool. 

The results: 

As part of our solution, we have: 

  • Provided dedicated project management office (PMO) support to manage the project and agree milestones. 

  • Designed a project plan to outline the activities to be undertaken to ensure scaled-up delivery, within several weeks. 

  • Given the immediate need we established a supply chain to support our recruitment experts, if required.  

  • Provided the technology to manage the onboarding and payrolling of the resource. 

  • Invested in additional training for former officers in the specific fields required for this level of investigation. 

  • Designed long-term engagement plans, recognising the investigation could continue for a number of years to ensure continuity. 

Over the past three years, we have delivered project resources, including: 

  • 123 investigators 

  • 10 holmes indexers 

  • 10 team secretaries 

  • Four medical support officers 

We delivered 90% of the required resources, with the remaining 10% coming from our supply chain. This ensured the police forces had the resources needed to manage what is a large and complex investigation. The investigation commenced in January 2020 and remains ongoing, with Reed Talent Solutions continuing to provide support. 

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