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Local & central government


  • Flexible resource marketplace 


  • Since taking over the contract, almost 3,000temporary workers have worked for the collaboration 

  • Twelve permanent vacancies have been filled 

  • We have delivered 17 individual consultants into the Yorkshire Collab and five individual projects 

The challenge: 

Our client, The Yorkshire Collaboration, which looks after staffing on behalf of a group of local authorities across south and west Yorkshire, wanted to introduce a one-stop shop to assist in managing the recruitment of its temporary workforce. 

They were seeking to solve challenges around pay rates, hard-to-fill vacancies and appropriate routes to market. 

The collaboration was keen to find a provider which could offer access to flexible workforce solutions in challenging times, as well as offering alternative routes to market – a situation where previous attempts with other providers had failed. 

The Yorkshire Collaboration’s previous contract ended in March 2021, with the new one with Reed Talent Solutions starting the following month. This meant there was the extra challenge of working during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The solution: 

Through our triaging service and via briefing calls with hiring managers, HR and procurement, Reed Talent Solutions was able to understand our client’s needs and work with them as a recruitment partner to advise the best route to market. 

We worked to ensure any problems encountered during the implementation phase were resolved quickly and effectively. 

Although the implementation period started at a difficult time because of Covid, the use of regular virtual catch-ups meant we were able to gather any required information and ensure a smooth transition for the client. 

Alongside this, we onboarded a large, complex supply chain, used to working in a very different way.  

Through continued relationship building via reviews and meetings, we have now created a robust supply chain with whom we have good working relationships. 

During the process, we also found areas that were not being managed as effectively as they could have been, for example, compliance and agency workers regulations (AWR) monitoring. In partnership with our audit team, and by working with the client to understand their pay and job catalogues, we were able to manage these effectively. 

We also worked closely with our screening and audit teams, project management and very closely with our supplier engagement and contracts team, who expertly managed the supplier transitions and provided valuable insight. 

Our account management team continues to go above and beyond on a day-to-day basis. For example, by helping our client implement monthly meetings in service areas where recruitment can be tricky, and we typically see the highest usage/spend. 

The results: 

The collaboration was originally lacking a one-stop shop for their recruitment needs, with managers struggling with their niche and hard-to-fill vacancies and battling with high caseloads and retention. 

Since taking over the contract almost 3,000 temporary workers have worked with the collaboration, 12 permanent vacancies have been filled, and we have delivered 17 individual consultants and five individual projects into the Yorkshire Collab via Reed Talent Solutions’ consultancy arm, Consultancy+. 

Reed Talent Solutions’ successful triaging and assessing of recruitment needs meant we were able to fulfil all our clients’ requirements. 

We were able to fill permanent roles where The Yorkshire Collaboration had previously been out to market and failed to recruit.  

Through our consultancy arm, Consultancy+, Reed Talent Solutions was able to deliver projects in care and support, and in engineering. We were also able to act as a procurer through our services procurement option.  

The Yorkshire Collaboration has also been able to effectively use their Reed Talent Solutions-owned system to manage more traditional temporary needs, as well as work with dedicated members of the account management team who are there to provide market insight and assist them in managing the recruitment process. 

Despite the contract starting during the pandemic, all timescales within the three-month handover to us were met, with all the necessary data being transferred. 

As a result of the success achieved so far, the client is considering using Reed Talent Solutions to assist with a new essential services project team in adult social care, as well as in a trial talent pool looking at attracting candidates into the care sector. 

The Yorkshire Collaboration said: “We have with worked with other providers before, however, we have found Reed Talent Solutions to be more hands on and customer focused.  

“We also find the account management team to be more positive and available to provide advice and support where possible. 

“Our day-to-day contacts are all efficient and knowledgeable and helpful to HR and our hiring managers, providing recruitment solutions to meet our day-to-day needs.” 

They added: “We have a happy temporary workforce who are paid in a timely fashion. 

“Reed Talent Solutions’ contingent workforce support has helped bridge a gap where we need it most and allowed services to continue. 

“They have also filled permanent vacancies for us where we have gone to market and struggles to recruit. The personal hands-on approach from the account management team with our managers is excellent.” 

Louise Page, Reed Talent Solutions’ Service Delivery Manager for local authorities, said: “We receive consistent, positive feedback around our hands-on approach and availability to support. 

“We have been attentive to their needs and able to deliver a flexible approach to fill their requirements. 

“I would say the main thing is communication, taking them on the journey with us and showing them the benefits.” 

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