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Since their introduction, managed service programmes (MSPs) have revolutionised the sourcing of contingent labour.

Consolidating contingent talent sourcing into one scalable solution has not only improved the talent flowing into organisations, but has provided a reliable source of staff, reduced time-to-hire, significant cost-per-hire reductions, greater control and visibility over recruitment, and support with compliance and risk mitigation.

In our whitepaper, ‘The evolution of managed services,’ we seek to provide a guide to these important benefits and explain how MSPs can work for your business.

The whitepaper covers a range of topics, including:

A brief history of the MSP – and where it is now

Non-permanent recruitment areas requiring greater visibility

Pioneering new flexible resource solutions

Like all services, the MSP has had to evolve over the past two decades to adapt to changing markets.

Present models have reached the point where they are highly effective at providing visibility for 80% to 90% of clients’ non-permanent labour requirements.

However, that still leaves a significant amount of talent acquisition activity occurring outside the MSP.

Our report examines the broad areas covered within this final 10% to 20%, and how changing attitudes from employers and contingent workers, technological advances and new labour market requirements are shaping the evolution of MSPs.

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