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  • Volume recruitment


  • Smooth transition of service without disruption 

  • Recruitment technology platform built in just 10 days 

  • 164 workers deployed in the first week, and a 100% fill rate

The challenge:

We have worked with this well-known NHS London trust for more than a decade - and now provide a fully outsourced staff bank solution, with a full remit of all clinical and non-clinical staff categories. 

In February 2020, Reed Talent Solutions were approached to take over the recruitment and management of all casual ancillary workers, previously supplied via an outsourced service provider. 

We were tasked to create a new staff bank to fill their vacancy gap of 20 per cent, and transition across a pool of existing casual workers, with no disruption to supply of service. 

Furthermore, this workforce would not be set up on the trusts’ workforce planning system, Health Roster for the initial few months, so an alternative way of recording shifts, time worked and payroll needed to be found. 

With the coronavirus pandemic beginning to take hold and placing increasing pressure on all NHS frontline services, it was imperative these changes should not distract the attention of our staff bank team and management colleagues, enabling them to effectively manage the surge in demand for doctors, nurses and healthcare workers at such a critical time. 

The solution:

After assessing the resource and technology available to us, we decided to create a new stand-alone staff bank which would focus solely on supplying the ancillary workforce.

Due to the unprecedented demand on the NHS trust due to Covid-19, we worked tirelessly to get the new service up and running within four weeks - a process that would usually take 12 weeks. Within that timeframe we successfully delivered: 

  • A new dedicated offsite team, who received fast-track training 

  • A new technology platform to manage contingent workers which was configured within 10 days 

  • The rollout of advanced recruitment technology to directly engage with workers 

  • Set up over 150 candidates onto payroll and other platforms 

  • Transition and set up of support suppliers and their candidates to maintain continuity of service and payment for these workers 

  • Vetted candidates via our fast-track remote screening service 

The results:

As a testament to the strength of our more than 10-year partnership and the faith in our ability to quickly mobilise, we delivered an agile workforce solution often working under extremely tight deadlines. 

The diversity and robustness of our services meant we were well-placed to deploy an expert team quickly, without impacting the continuity of the critical cleaning, portering and ward host services during the pandemic.

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