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  • Flexible resource marketplace

  • Statement of work


  • Provided a specialist team to clear a backlog of 142 adult social care reviews 

  • Our team managed to save the client around £245,000 through the project 

  • We provided a fast, compliant route to market through the YPO Managing Consultancy framework 

The challenge: 

Our client, a local authority which required assistance to clear a backlog of adult social care case reviews, needed a specialised project team to support their service. 

The requirements were that this team would look at six-to-eight-week reviews. 

Within this timeframe there were 168 outstanding cases, with 142 of those deemed to be normal to low level that the local authority required assistance to clear. 

The council needed the reviews to be completed under the adult social care remit within an agreed timeframe of 16 weeks. 

All the relevant documentation provided needed to be completed in full, with relevant quality assurance processes applied and aligned to the set timescales. 

The solution: 

Reed Talent Solutions’ consultancy arm, Consultancy+, deployed one of their strategic project consultants to lead the programme. 

In order for us create effective plans, this consultant liaised with the council ahead of the deployment of a full team. 

When the team was put in place two weeks later, they already had a sound knowledge of the outcomes required. Our proven approach to delivery and our strong partnership with the council then meant we were able to move quickly and effectively. 

Our service included full project management office (PMO) and reporting, spend and budget control, management of case allocation and completion, deployment and oversight of resources and service management.  

Shared accountability in terms of cost and from an operational perspective was ensured through a services contract. 

The results: 

Consultancy+ was able to put its team, which included experienced practitioners, a project lead, a PMO analyst and a delivery manager, in place within four weeks of the agreement. 

Strong lines of communication were established to enable effective contract management, while we were able to deliver to budget and maintain 100% delivery of requirements. 

Our team saved the client around £245,000 through the project by overseeing the rapid deployment of high-quality and experienced adult's social care consultants. 

We provided a fast, compliant route to market through the YPO Managing Consultancy framework and procured a qualified team within a four-week period. 

Our project manager and the team made key savings, cleared the cases allocated to them and improved the system administration to hand back to the council.  

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