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28th Sep, 2023

Matthew Rushton
Matthew Rushton
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Workforce Solutions Manager
Reed Talent Solutions

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) have recently proposed measures to enhance diversity and inclusion within financial services. 

This initiative aims to foster healthier work cultures, reduce groupthink, and unlock talent. 

The regulators have published consultation papers outlining their proposals. These measures aim to enhance the safety and soundness of firms and improve understanding of diverse consumer needs. The regulators believe increased diversity and inclusion can lead to better internal governance, decision-making, and risk management. 

Addressing misconduct 

The proposals include new rules and guidance to clarify that misconduct, such as bullying and sexual harassment, poses a risk to a healthy firm culture. 

This guidance will help ensure firms can take decisive and appropriate action against employees for such behaviour. 

The role of diversity and inclusion 

FCA Chief Executive Nikhil Rathi emphasised the importance of attracting, retaining, and promoting the best talent for the competitiveness and health of UK financial services. He noted the data suggests this isn’t happening, and the proposals will encourage the largest firms to put in place plans and report against their delivery. 

Mr Rathi also highlighted that UK financial services have long been a magnet for best-in-class talent globally. Increasing levels of diversity within firms can help attract and unlock talent, supporting the sector’s international competitiveness. 

The PRA's perspective 

PRA Chief Executive Sam Woods said diversity and inclusion play an important role in guarding against groupthink within firms. He believes firms in which a broad range of perspectives are welcomed and encouraged will manage their risks better, advancing the PRA’s objective of safety and soundness. 

Stronger diversity and inclusiveness should also make firms more competitive by enabling them to attract a wider pool of talent. 


The FCA and PRA's initiative is a significant step towards boosting diversity and inclusion in financial services. It not only addresses the need for a healthier work culture but also emphasises the role of diversity and inclusion in enhancing the safety and soundness of firms. 

This initiative is expected to bring about a positive change in the financial services sector, making it more inclusive, diverse, and competitive. 

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