Virtual hiring: 4 ways to keep recruiting during COVID-19

Businesses are having to adapt to the new and unique challenges caused by COVID-19. Recruiters, both in-house and agency, are having to react on-the-fly to these challenges, often by harnessing available technology.

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The recruitment sector – as is the case with all areas of the economy – is having to adapt to the new and unique challenges caused by COVID-19. Recruiters, both in-house and agency, are having to react on-the-fly to these challenges, often by harnessing available technology.

This landscape means that already agile recruiters are faring better, as they are quickly pivoting their recruitment strategies to focus on virtual platforms. This has led to rise of ‘virtual recruitment’ – using intelligent, automated systems which offer a virtual screening and interviewing environment.

Critical business functions must not be brought to a standstill. Instead, virtual onboarding and engagement, using appropriate technology, is something that all businesses should embrace.

How Reed Talent Solutions can help with your virtual recruitment

Reed Talent Solutions is among those recruiters who have been able to adapt to this ‘new normal’. There are several ways we are helping businesses to continue recruiting during this unprecedented period:

  1. Virtual selection / assessments: We are adapting existing assessments (including both role play and written exercises) to ensure they can be online and remain effective. This includes using assessors to support hiring managers for both online assessments and interviews conducted by video conferencing. This means hiring managers can maintain workforce quality and standards.
  2. Fast-Track Screening Service: Reed Screening has worked closely with the government, the Disclosure and Barring Service, and Disclosure Scotland, to agree relaxed vetting and onboarding requirements during this time. This has removed the need to meet candidates face-to-face for identity verification, with all background checks completed via our online portal and managed by our 24/7 employment screening team. Allowing businesses to quickly onboard fully screened and compliant employees – reducing time-to-hire from days to hours.
  3. Virtual onboarding: Our onboarding app allows us to onboard employees virtually. The app incorporates contracts, policies, first day requirements, introductions to the business and an overview of the new role. This allows us to provide a fully branded virtual onboarding experience for candidates.
  4. Training and induction: Reed Talent Solutions help businesses to source, procure, and implement, a video conferencing application that allows them to deliver virtual training to new employees. The app provides virtual interactive classrooms, along with training material and 1-2-1 chat rooms. As a result, businesses can complete vital candidate training in a remote environment – essential to be able to facilitate remote working across all sectors.

To find out more about how Reed Talent Solutions can help your company during COVID-19, contact me to discuss your options today.

James Bridgland
Consulting & Solutions Director

James Bridgland leads our consultancy business. James has over 10 years' experience in delivering projects and services to clients across a number of areas including: HR and organisational change, IT transformation, and remediation and compliance.

Across this experience he has worked with clients ranging from UK based SMEs through to global blue chip organisations, in order to support the delivery of outcome based consultancy and work package solutions.


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