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When it comes to AI it is safe to say that we have left the realm of science fiction and taken our first steps into the land of science fact.

AI is very much with us in today’s world. Most of us use it every day:

  • Netflix uses machine learning to recommend TV shows we like

  • Apple uses natural language processing to understand voice commands given to Siri

  • Uber uses predictive analytics to put enough drivers on the roads

  • Tesla uses robotics to pilot fleets of self-driving cars

And then there is the ever-changing world of Facebook, or should we say Meta, where the use of deep learning to recognise and tag users in photographs is morphing into virtual meeting rooms.

Talent acquisition is no different, which is why we have produced our guide, ‘Seven steps to implementing AI in talent acquisition’.

Our step-by-step guide includes:

  • How AI is changing talent acquisition

  • Handy definitions and examples of usage

  • Key opportunities and challenges

  • Guidance on how to implement AI

Lee Gudgeon, Managing Director at Reed Talent Solutions, said: “When I started working in recruitment two decades ago, I never imagined the positive impact technology would have on our sector.

“Data has moved from filing cabinets to the cloud and processes once meticulously recorded on paper are now automated.

“Looking ahead, experts believe the impact of AI will go beyond anything we have seen to date.”

To learn more about the changing face of AI and how it can transform your business, download our guide, ‘Seven steps to implementing AI in talent acquisition’ by clicking on the button at the top of the page.