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7 July, 2022
12pm - 1pm



Tim Whitaker
Job Title
Wise Age
Gemma Carter-Morris
Job Title
Director of Wellbeing and Client Relationships
Next Steps Consulting
Declan Slattery
Job Title
Former Head of Talent Attraction and Engagement
NatWest Group
Martin Mason
Job Title
Founder and CEO

From keeping people in employment for longer without negatively affecting their health and wellbeing, to getting the most out of an experienced workforce, businesses have plenty of questions to answer when it comes to the ageing workforce.

We conducted two surveys to inform our upcoming whitepaper, one of 500 senior HR managers from organisations with 1000 employees or more, and a separate survey of 1000 employees over 40 years of age.

Results from these surveys revealed almost one-in-five employees surveyed have experienced age discrimination, and three-quarters of hiring managers did not understand what the term ‘internal mobility’ meant when applied to the ageing workforce.

Other key stats included:

  • Less than half of employees surveyed said their companies offer opportunities for learning and development, for them to reduce their hours, or for older workers to change their levels of responsibility

  • 62% of employees and 45% of hiring managers said experience was the biggest benefit offered by older workers

  • A third of employees said their company sees the biggest issue with older workers as being inflexibility or an unwillingness to adapt

  • Less than half of hiring managers said their company had a specific policy for older workers

  • A third of hiring managers said their business offers employees a mid-life MOT

As a result of these key statistics, Tim Whitaker, Gemma Carter-Morris, Declan Slattery and Martin Mason took part in our webinar on the subject, discussing everything from keeping people in employment longer without affecting their wellbeing to getting the most out of an experienced workforce by utilising internal mobility.

The 45-minute conversation was followed by a 15-minute question and answer session.

Speaker profiles:

Tim Whitaker, Trustee, Wise Age

Tim Whitaker is a consultant working on age and employment issues and a Trustee of Wise Age - a specialist employment charity for the over 50s working with employers, policy makers and older workers.

He’s also Joint Convenor of the Royal Society of Arts Good Work Guild project on inter-generational dialogue on work futures.

Gemma Carter-Morris, Director of Wellbeing and Client Relationships, Next Steps Consulting

Gemma is a consultant who works with organisations to develop and implement organisational wellbeing strategies. Utilising a personalised approach to embed and sustain a long-term change which supports both the business and individual employees.

Gemma is also a wellbeing coach for individuals and teams, supporting their personal and professional development, and allowing them to be the best versions of themselves.

Declan Slattery, Former Head of Talent Attraction and Engagement, NatWest Group

With over 20 years’ experience of talent acquisition and as the former Head of NatWest’s Talent Attraction, Declan is widely recognised as a talent attraction/employer brand expert, evangelist, creative thinker and energetic leader with a strategic perspective.

With experience of working across multiple brands and global businesses, Declan has a deep passion for the benefit of multi-generational workforces and is a champion of the value of recruiting and especially retaining the skills and knowledge of mature workers.

Martin Mason, CEO and Founder, Unleashed

Martin Mason is the CEO of Unleashed and CEO and Co-Founder of The Arena Network. Martin partners with organisations and charities across the globe to support them in removing systemic barriers to improve performance and inclusion for marginalised communities.

Prior to founding Unleashed, Martin worked as a senior leader in retailers such as The Body Shop, Ferguson PLC, and Halfords, where he designed and delivered strategies and systemic changes to talent management, inclusion, learning and development and performance, delivering increased revenues and improving inclusion for colleagues and customers across the globe.

Download our internal mobility and ageing workforce whitepaper here.