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Financial services


  • Managed service programme 


  • Assembled a team of 12 assessors across two locations. 

  • Enabled our client to free up hiring manager resource. 

  • Facilitated our client’s growth while embodying their core values. 

The challenge: 

Our client, Monzo Bank, was experiencing rapid growth and, as such, was facing high demand for new hires. 

The bank needed a recruitment process that could adopt to fluctuating demands, while also keeping up with their flexible work policies. 

In order to do this, it decided to introduce an assessment centre which would enable an intensive, all-day interview process to allow hiring managers to assess candidates in a variety of situations. 

The logistics of running such a centre required hiring managers and other staff members to be taken away from their daily tasks in order to participate – something which was a challenge during peak hiring times when every resource is valuable. 

As such, Monzo required a specialist flexible pool of qualified assessors.  

The solution: 

Reed Talent Solutions’ talent advisory team assigned a project manager and a lead assessor to work with Monzo to identify the resources which were required and to gain a deep understanding of their current assessment process. 

This was essential to ensure the assessors would reflect Monzo’s core values and to provide consistency throughout the process. 

The team assembled consisted of 12 assessors across two locations. They were deployed alongside Monzo’s hiring managers. 

The flexibility of this team allowed for quick scalability to match Monzo’s hiring demands. If more assessment events were required, then resources could be quickly deployed to support them. 

The results: 

The immediate results of the solution were impressive, with half the amount of hiring managers being required as previously. This freed up valuable resources. 

The highly-qualified assessors added instant value by sharing best practices and improving the process. 

Their adaptability and commitment to representing Monzo led to a seamless transition that the client could count on, even at short notice. 

Our solution allowed Monzo to streamline its hiring process and keep up with the demands of their exponential growth. 

Monzo’s Senior Hiring Lead, Heather McClory, said: “At first, we were unsure about bringing external resources into our process. 

“However, Reed Talent Solutions has adapted to our values and culture, becoming a valuable extension of the hiring team.”

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