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2nd Oct, 2023

Craig Lewis
Craig Lewis
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Senior Content Writer

AI-powered tools are helping many recruiters to make their hiring processes much more efficient, assisting them with many aspects of the recruitment process. 

From voice-enabled chats to machine learning pattern matching and people analytics, artificial intelligence is providing some of the innovation necessary to help recruiters find the right candidates – taking away from what sometimes can be laborious processes.

  • Reed’s interview question generator: This AI-powered interview question generator is a powerful tool for creating customised interview questions for any role, in any sector, from entry-level roles to c-suite positions. In a matter of minutes, the tool will craft the perfect set of interview questions, saving you time and effort while ensuring the questions you ask are relevant to the role and your business requirements. 

  • Jasper: This AI writing assistant works by the user providing it with seed words, which are then analysed to create phrases, paragraphs and documents based on both subject matter and tone of voice. 

  • HireVue: This platform employs AI to analyse video interviews, assessing candidates' facial expressions, tone, and language to gauge their suitability for the role. Its predictive analytics help recruiters make informed decisions. 

  • Entelo: With its advanced sourcing capabilities, Entelo leverages AI to identify passive candidates who may be open to new opportunities. By analysing online behaviour and social media presence, it provides recruiters and hiring managers with a broader candidate pool. 

  • Ideal: As the name suggests, Ideal streamlines the screening process by using AI to shortlist candidates based on their CVs and profiles. Its machine learning algorithms learn from feedback, continually improving candidate recommendations. 

  • Textio: Crafting compelling job descriptions is an art, and Textio's AI helps managers write more inclusive and effective job postings. By analysing language patterns and suggesting improvements, it increases the chances of attracting diverse talent. 

  • TalentLink: An applicant tracking system (ATS) used by UK public sector organisations to support their end-to-end recruiting process needs. Tasks supported include job approvals, job-posting, social media integration, career site development, online applications, selection process management including shortlisting, assessment integration, interview scheduling, offers and contract generation and onboarding.  

  • SourceBreaker: This matching and robotic automation platform carries out candidate searching, lead generation, and job search matching. 

  • XOR: For companies dealing with high-volume hiring, XOR's chatbot and automation platform are game changers. It engages with candidates, answers their questions, and even schedules interviews, freeing up recruiters' time. 

  • Arya by Leoforce: Known for its AI-powered virtual assistant, Arya by Leoforce automates repetitive tasks like CV screening and initial candidate outreach. Arya learns from user actions and improves its accuracy over time. 

AI-driven recruiting tools are transforming the hiring landscape by enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and candidate experience. As technology continues to evolve, these tools are set to become even more sophisticated, enabling recruiters to build stronger teams faster than ever before.

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