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31 May 2022

What is talent sourcing?

Talent sourcing is part of an overall talent strategy, the process of identifying, researching, generating and networking with candidates.

The aim of all this work is to turn unengaged people into applicants, and – perhaps more importantly – to generate a consistent flow of highly-skilled people.

There is a vital difference between talent sourcing and recruitment, which requires the conversion of applicants to employees. Talent sourcing is the starting point of the recruitment process and is central to talent strategies.

As such, the talent-sourcing process focuses on generating leads for a small number of requisitions. Most talent-sourcing methods see specialists working closely with recruiting and hiring managers to search for and identify talent.

Talent sourcing methods

Talent sourcing can be part of the recruitment process or operate as a separate entity.

Talent sourcing methods can include accessing CV databases from job boards, searching social media channels such as LinkedIn, or using professional networks to headhunt talented individuals.

The talent sourcing process involves connecting with those people, seeing if they are looking for new career opportunities, an inviting them to apply for certain roles or adding them into a talent pool.

Every organisation should have their own talent sourcing process and talent sourcing strategy to suit their needs.

There are several talent sourcing methods and talent sourcing tools to guide this process:

  • Keep in touch with hiring managers throughout the talent sourcing process to make sure you agree what a strong candidate looks like

  • Your talent sourcing method should start with a look at those candidates you already have on record – after all, if you’ve built a talent community already it would be a shame to neglect it

  • Make sure to diversify your online talent sourcing channels. Most talent sourcing methods see people turn straight to LinkedIn, but why stop there?

  • Talent sourcing should not end on the internet – don’t neglect face-to-face events or industry conferences

  • The talent sourcing process need not be restricted to roles you are already looking to fill. The best talent sourcing strategies will include candidates who can fill roles you’ll need to hire for in the future

  • Building a strong employer brand and following-up with candidates who don’t respond are also important talent sourcing tools

Why businesses should have a talent sourcing strategy

Today’s job market is candidate focused, meaning talent sourcing is vital to finding the best people.

Talent sourcing enables you to cultivate a stream of high-quality people, who are engaged with your organisation and keen to take up future roles.

An effective talent sourcing process sees potential candidates approached first, invited to interact, and shown that the role(s) you have are perfect for them.

How Reed Talent Solutions can help

At Reed Talent Solutions, we are dedicated to maximising your talent sourcing process and methods, creating bespoke talent strategies that can save you time and money.

Most importantly, we can ensure you’re hiring the best talent for your organisation.

To being the process of developing a first-class talent acquisition strategy, download our eBook on the subject now.

How to build an effective and efficient talent acquisition strategy

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