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  • Upskilling and reskilling 


  • Designed and delivered a 12-week immersive training course to reskill the workforce 

  • Improved employee retention by offering career enhancement and progression opportunities 

  • Boosted our clients’ employee value proposition through investing in people development 

The challenge: 

Our client, a global technology company, was looking to increase the diversity of its tech team by identifying potential talent from within its contact centres and back office. 

The goal was to bridge existing skills gaps by creating a training pathway which would support their contact centre workforce to transition to new careers in their tech team. 

By reskilling employees, our client hoped to take advantage of the further benefit of offering career progression to contact centre employees who may have otherwise left the company. 

The solution: 

We worked with the client to understand what specific skills they needed to fill the roles in their tech team, and on the subsequent design of a training course which would equip suitable candidates with those skills. Then, to identify employees within the contact centre who might be suitable for the training pathway, we deployed our bespoke psychometric testing portal 

This pioneering solution is a gateway to uncovering hidden talents, working by focusing on illuminating those inherent attributes critical for success in digital roles, whether that be software, artificial intelligence or data science. 
Using allowed us to assess the core attributes of technical roles against the soft skills of employees. For example, for software developer roles, problem solving is a key requirement and so contact centre workers were assessed for that skill. This knowledge allowed hiring managers to select the best people to invest time, money and training in – even though those employees had little or no prior experience in the roles they were moving into. 

We were also able to assess where training was most needed for each individual. For example, if one employee had excellent problem-solving skills but poor attention to detail, then were able to reflect this in the feedback and recommendations for training, rather than simply implementing a one-size-fits-all solution. 

Following on from the testing, our team successfully identified and placed a number of candidates on to a bespoke software development training programme. 

These candidates then undertook a 12-week period of training, while also being versed in vital skills such as problem solving, presentation skills and team working. 

The results: 

By putting this new reskilling approach in place, we were not only able to enable our client to diversify their tech team, while offering career progression and internal mobility, but to create an effective process which saved manager time and the cost associated with external hiring. 

Initially the campaign received interest from over 150 of our client’s employees, all of whom were offered assessments. We then ran a series of assessment centres for over 50 candidates that would otherwise not have been identified as having the potential for the technology roles. Fifteen were selected for the first pilot cohort. 

Our solution meant our client was able to fill mission-critical digital roles, improve retention levels across the business, and create an environment where employees feel they can progress and develop their careers.

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