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28th Jul, 2020

Craig Lewis
Craig Lewis
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Reed Talent Solutions has been selected as a finalist for The Best Use of Technology prize at the TIARA Talent Solution Awards.

The award highlights the ability of recruitment businesses to solve business challenges through the implementation of a unique, new tech solution or using existing tech in an innovative way. Reed Talent Solutions nomination recognises its work with the NHS in using Patchwork technology to implement a new platform to support its recruitment needs.

Innovating new solutions

Our provision of staff bank solutions for the NHS, deploying both clinical and non-clinical workers into shifts on a 24/7, 365-day basis, is a key focus for our business. Reed Talent Solutions scoped the new solution for 12 months with the trust and, in November 2019, were contracted to set up a Doctors’ Bank, incorporating the service into our existing Staff Bank solution.

For this project, we tested the market and selected the technology platform Patchwork to automate the recruitment and payroll process for doctors. This enabled us to instantly access 4000+ registered doctors, generating a larger talent pool for ICHT and reducing hiring time by 41.6%.

Measuring success

Since the launch, between January and April 2020, we’ve onboarded 1200+ doctors, deployed over 650 doctors into shifts, and processed over 6000 shifts with over 50000 hours worked.

We worked with ICHT to create performance benchmarks and measure success against the following criteria:

  • On time payments: 100% of timesheets have been processed on time

  • Fulfilment: 95% fulfilment rate over the last 12 weeks

  • Patient safety: 100% vetting compliance for all doctors

  • Cost control: agency costs reduced by 94% over the first 12 weeks

  • Satisfaction: 90% of doctors stated the service has improved since solution implementation

Max Eldin-Taylor, Head of Business Support in the Division of Medicine & Integrated Care at the Imperial College Healthcare Trust, says: “The main things that come to mind when reviewing the success of the medical Bank implementation were the flexibility of the system and the responsiveness of both REED and Patchwork.

“The team worked around the clock to ensure that the development of solutions did not delay the implementation timeline. It felt as though they were with us through every step of the implementation process.

“Importantly, both organisations provided the rota co-ordinators with daily on-site support in the weeks following the roll out, ensuring that users felt confident in switching to the new system, and any initial problems were dealt with immediately.”

Michele Smith, Client Engagement Director, says: "We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the "Best Use of Technology" awards. This demonstrates our commitment to innovating with technology to bring efficiencies and an improved user experience for our clients and resourcing teams. We are particularly proud of this implementation, as it delivered direct benefits to the NHS at such a critical time"

Reed Talent Solutions have worked with Imperial College Healthcare Trust (ICHT) for 18 years and our relationship is built on trust, collaboration, our ability to solve problems, and continuous innovation.

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