IR35 reforms were introduced into private sector organisations in April
2021, which significantly impacted the way organisations engaged contingent

Presenting legal and non-compliance risks for the private sector, it’s critical that businesses seek guidance from specialists to effectively navigate these changes.

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We’re here to help with IR35

Navigating legislation changes can be complex and challenging, so our IR35 experts are on hand to help you avoid and/or manage the following:

  • Escalating costs

    Significant cost rises resulting from additional tax and pay rate increases to contractor workforce

  • Retention and attraction challenges

    Difficulty to retain/attract contractors for ‘inside’ IR35 roles

  • Increased supply chain risk

    Liability from agency can pass back up to client. Added vigilance required in agency engagement and need to review supplier strategy

  • Increased tax risk

    Liability rests with client unless they can show reasonable care in making assessment

  • Project delays and cancellations

    Due to cost increases and access to contractor resource

  • Increased use of “alternative arrangements”

    Many contractors and clients moved to statement of work solutions

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Case Study

Managing IR35 for a major independent public body

As managed service provider, we worked with our client to prepare and manage the public sector IR35 reforms in April 2017.

  • Developed robust IR35 strategy and impact assessment
  • Managed changes across 400+ incumbent PSC contractors
  • Our management of IR35 cited as exemplary by Deloitte

Why choose us?

As a major provider to both public and private sector organisations, we have continually supported our clients in delivering compliant IR35 solutions. We offer the full spectrum of delivery models to ensure risks are managed and clients have continued access to the best available talent.

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