DHSC Assisted Testing Framework

The Department of Health and Social Care's 'Assisted Testing Services Framework' supports authorities and organisations with comprehensive Covid-19 assisted testing services across the UK.

We offer market-leading personnel resourcing, training and operations management to support you with everything from piloting assisted testing through to scaling up your testing centre.

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With our background in providing market leading talent solutions, we can efficiently deploy, manage, train and retain compliant personnel for your testing centre and build the infrastructure required to create a successful operation.

  • Personnel deployment

    We deploy testing operations personnel, supervisors and trainers to different test settings to support pilots, scale ups, and focus assisted testing activities as required.

  • Assisted testing

    Our teams support you to collect samples (swabbing or other methods) for testing, provide oversight of operations, support and guidance for self-testing, processing of tests, and recording of results all following best practice and clinical governance.

  • Training

    To ensure you have an efficient, effective workforce, we offer training in the administration of testing, processing of any test kits, running test operations to highest possible standards, teaching best practice, set-up, infection control, PPE usage and clinical waste management.

  • Pilot support

    We support pilots of assisted testing services in any test setting, utilising new methodologies across different test devices on any scale of service delivery.

  • Service evaluations

    Our service supports you with service evaluation of any test devices, as well as in-field assessments of any test setting, development of standard operating procedures and training materials.

  • SOP development

    Development and updating of Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) and other authority or organisation materials.

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With 60 years’ experience as an industry leader, we are a trusted provider of UK-wide talent solutions services which give clients unrivalled access to talent. We have expert recruiters in 20 sectors nationwide, with proven expertise in sourcing talent and hard-to-find skill sets.

Case Studies

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NHSBT launched a trial with support and funding from the Department of Health and Social Care to collect convalescent plasma from people who had recovered from COVID-19.

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Establishing a fully functioning ancillary staff bank for a leading NHS Trust in just 4 weeks.


We manage a fully outsourced staff bank for seven northern hospitals, employing over 17,000 staff. We cover everything: recruiting Bank-only workers, deploying them into shifts and managing their performance and compliance.

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