On-demand webinar: Creating an employee value proposition that resonates

Reed Talent Solutions’ latest on-demand webinar. ‘Creating an employee value proposition that resonates’ provided an in-depth masterclass on why EVP is so important and building a proposition that hits home.

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No matter what size a company is, where it is located, its structure, or the services it offers, recruiting and retaining talent will be a top priority.   

One way of not only staying competitive and attractive in the hiring market, but also making sure employees remain happy, engaged, and loyal, is by developing a strong employee value proposition (EVP).   

An EVP is akin to a business’ mission statement or even personality, serving as a constant reminder of its values and goals. A strong EVP can hold far more value for employees than just a salary and it can do wonders for your employer brand.   

Conversely, businesses can face negative impacts if they do not have a strong EVP.   

These include:   

  • Failing to meet hiring or organisational goals, putting their teams under extra pressure as a result 
  • Increased recruitment costs and a higher rate of people leaving leading to the need for more recruitment 
  • Having to offer higher salaries to compensate 
  • The loss of talented people, who are costly to replace 
  • A reduction in service and capability, leading to a loss of customers 

Our masterclass with Annie Parry, RPO Operational Excellence Director, Reed Talent Solutions and Steve Dilley, Managing Consultant, Consultancy+, part of Reed Talent Solutions, provided an in-depth look at how to create an EVP that resonates.   

During the webinar, they explained why EVP is so important, what makes a great EVP and the steps companies can take to build a proposition that hits home with existing and prospective employees. 

More about our guest speakers:

Steve Dilley – Managing Consultant, Consultancy+ 

Steve is responsible for leading our people advisory business, which includes managing our HR consulting and project delivery team. 

With a passion for supporting clients to understand their employee value proposition (EVP), Steve plans and scopes all HR projects including diagnosing issues and challenges in the recruitment process and making recommendations on redesign and implementation of effective solutions. 

Annie Parry, RPO Operational Excellence Director, Reed Talent Solutions

Annie has worked in the recruitment sector for over 22 years, championing continuous improvement for the last five. Annie’s knowledge lies in transforming commercial operations by understanding what drives people, working closely with them to deliver bottom up and top-down cultural change. 

Annie works closely with the delivery team to explore how Reed Talent Solutions' selection and candidate engagement processes can be adapted to meet and increasingly challenging market.

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