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Reed Talent Solutions has scooped two awards at the prestigious TIARA Talent Solutions Awards 2022.

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Internal mobility can bring huge advantages to businesses, helping them shape an ageing workforce.

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When it comes to recruitment, the best companies know it’s not about age.

What they want is talented people.

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Older workers are a vital part of the workforce, offering experience and expertise built up over years of work.

But age discrimination is a major barrier to getting the most out of the ageing workforce.

Countering this is vital to the success of businesses and internal mobility is an important tool in doing so.

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Reed Talent Solutions has been examining the issues, misconceptions, and opportunities around the ageing workforce.

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Total talent management is a workplace solution which integrates permanent or recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and contingent talent or managed service provider (MSP) solutions.

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Reed Talent Solutions has been looking into the subject of ‘Internal mobility and the ageing workforce,’ holding a webinar and producing a whitepaper on the subject.

We asked Professors Andrew and Nada Kakabadse, from Henley Business School, to give an academic viewpoint on some of the issues – and opportunities - surrounding the ageing workforce.

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Recruiting, retaining, and getting the best out of older workers is one of the biggest questions facing employers.

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Strategic workforce planning is one of the most powerful tools companies have at their disposal.

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Reed Talent Solutions’ latest webinar, ‘Internal mobility and the ageing workforce' brought together four experts to discuss the challenges - and possibilities - of an ageing workforce and how internal mobility can be used to get the best out of older workers.

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Tim Whitaker is a consultant working on age and employment issues and a Trustee of Wise Age - a specialist employment charity for the over 50s working with employers, policy makers and older workers.

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Reed Talent Solutions has been named as a finalist in four categories of the prestigious TIARA Talent Solutions Awards 2022.

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