Delivering the post: Recruiting postal workers across the UK.

Enabling Royal Mail Group to make ‘business critical’ postal worker appointments in a fast, efficient manner.

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The Challenge

At Reed Talent Solutions we pride ourselves on delivering what we promise, so who better to partner with than Royal Mail Group.

It’s a partnership that has spanned 20 years, but that does not mean there aren’t fresh challenges to resolve.

On this occasion, having seen other recruiters struggle to cope with the volume of its requirements, Royal Mail Group needed an efficient and fast recruitment process to enable it to deploy 1,600 postal worker across the UK within 12 weeks.

The Solution

The answer to making a success of such a large-scale project is best seen by looking at Reed Talent Solutions’ work in a single area.

One of the most important parts of the project was the recruitment of more than 70 people in just two months to Royal Mail Group’s Chelmsford branch.

Our RPO Talent Partner April-Rose Kennedy said the Royal Mail’s “strong brand offering competitive salaries” meant there were plenty of initial applications for the roles.

The challenge was to ensure candidates were engaged in the application process, and able to work through it in a timely manner.

This, coupled with the specialist nature of the site and the high volume of applications, meant strong communication lines were essential in making sure the process went as smoothly as possible.

April said: “I maintained a strong focus on keeping open lines of communication, responding to queries in a timely manner to ensure all requests were answered and provided regular updates to all parties.”

The Results

The impact of this project was “absolutely business critical” for Royal Mail Group.

Those were the words of the service’s Senior Manager, Permanent Recruitment, Gemma Milner.

She said without such “successful management of our application pipeline, we would simply not meet the obligations of our service to Royal Mail and its customers.”

Gemma said the level of support received from Reed Talent Solutions - notably from Managing Director, Permanent Workforce Solutions Ali Andarabi, Account Director Sam Slatter and Head of Service Delivery Ian Hillman - has resulted in this individual project becoming an on-going service.

Not only will Reed Talent Solutions be a key partner in all future recruitment outsourcing projects, it has been engaged to support screening activities related to the onboarding of new workers.

“The requirement to work with Reed was a result of other suppliers struggling with the volume of our requirements,” Gemma added.

“Reed has the infrastructure and wherewithal to support high volume requirements at speed.”

In all, Reed Talent Solutions processed and managed 8,000 candidate applications. Ultimately, 1,600 workers were screened, vetted and onboarded into sites across the UK.

Those recruited were also full of praise for the “simple and logical” service provided by Reed Talent Solutions.

One candidate who secured a new role as a post-person said they had been attracted by the opportunity to move away from a desk job.

She said she would definitely use Reed’s “friendly and supportive” service again.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Postal services
  • Within 12 weeks we managed and processed 8,000 candidate applications
  • Successfully screened, vetted and onboarded 1,600 workers across the UK
  • More than 70 people recruited to Royal Mail Group’s Chelmsford branch in just two months
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