• Delivering significant client savings by channelling spend through the YPO Framework

Delivering significant client savings by channelling spend through the YPO Framework

We were engaged by a large local authority to support the management of all their consultancy and professional services spend through the YPO HR Solutions Framework.


The Challenge

Like many public sector organisations, our client had recent success in diversifying their supply base and using smaller, more local firms for consultancy work.

However, they needed help to continue procuring these firms, and in tracking and reporting the cost. They also had the added challenge of ensuring that firms were engaged through a compliant route to market, especially when time constraints limited their ability to run full tender processes.

They were keen to align their consultancy and services strategy with the recruitment process, to ensure best value was being delivered when engaging temporary staff.

The Solution

We implemented a three-phase strategy:

1. Finding an OJEU compliant route
This was a priority so the client could engage with suppliers on time-critical projects. We aligned this with our approach of obtaining service user buy-in to make sure preferred suppliers were compliant to high framework standards. This allowed our client to procure suppliers through the YPO framework.

2. Strategic sourcing of providers
Following the onboarding of preferred suppliers, we then began to source new providers. Our service included tailored onboarding and compliance, bid management, contract and payment management, alongside full reporting across all spend and projects.

3. Introducing talent experts
We brought in consultants under management, ensuring compliance with industry standards to give our client peace of mind. We structured all contracts under a Statement of Work to ensure the client were monitoring outcomes from their talent experts.

The Results

In the first year of delivery we helped the client achieve several of their goals:
  • Clear visibility and control of multi-million pound spend – across Children’s Services and IT
  • Introduction to new suppliers across projects – from system reviews through to highways consultancy and feasibility studies
  • Increased influence over professional services “buys” – introducing competition from an earlier stage
  • Clear evidence of savings – through competition, negotiation, and control over contracts and deliverables
Services Procurement and Statement of Work
Local Authority
  • 24% saved for an IT system review
  • Fast OJEU compliant route established
  • Improved compliance and vetting process secured

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