• Delivering a workforce solution for one of the UK’s largest banks

Delivering a workforce solution for one of the UK’s largest banks

Our workforce management and payroll solution provides a high touch service to ensure a seamless on-boarding experience.

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The Challenge

The client needed a high touch service to on-board, manage and payroll a large referred workforce of senior professionals, requiring an enhanced candidate experience

The bank have an ever increasing population of referred talent, all of whom are professional contractors, across all categories including heads of business, hiring managers and specialist niche skill sets.

The bank required a solution that provided an efficient on-boarding process, the expertise to manage the workforce through the lifecycle of their assignment and a robust payroll service to incorporate Limited Companies, PAYE & Umbrella management.

The Solution

We established a dedicated, centralised team of on-boarding specialists to provide a high touch and high tech service
  • Dedicated resource - We established a specialist team whose sole focus is the on-boarding of professional contractors, providing a high touch service throughout the lifecycle of the contractor. In addition to this our Talent Partners, based locally to the client premises, are the visible face of the service. These individuals provide regular updates to the client on the on-boarding status and provide ongoing support once they are in the business.
  • Workforce management – Our team are experts in all aspects of workforce management, with HR training to be enable them to provide guidance and manage any queries for our PAYE employees.
  • Payroll – The team are proficient in all aspects of payroll, we have an in house payroll solution and a dedicated team responsible for the due diligence and professional standards checks of our approved Umbrella companies. Our technology captures all legislative requirements at source ensuring full compliance and minimising risk.

The Results

We successfully provide a workforce management and payroll solution for one of the UK’s leading banks, for over 800 referred workers

The Talent Engagement team is now a core element of our overall managed service programme for one of the UK’s leading banks:

  • We on-board on average, 1000+ workers per annum
  • We have reduced time to vet by 9 days
  • We have increased worker satisfaction scores by 15% in the last year
  • Increased talent retention and redeployment
Workforce Management & Payroll Solutions
Retail Banking
  • 9 years’ relationship
  • Reduced time to vet to 9 days
  • On-boarding on average 50 contractors per month
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