• Delivering a managed service for one of the UK’s biggest banks

Delivering a managed service for one of the UK’s biggest banks

We deliver a managed service solution that incorporates the supply of multiple staffing categories across a national network of sites. Using our specialist teams, we directly fill the majority of requirements ourselves.


The Challenge

We needed to supply high volumes of IT workers for the client’s Digital Transformation Project

The bank commenced a Digital Transformation Project to deliver a stepped change in its digital capabilities.

To support the programme, we were tasked with recruiting high volumes of IT staffing categories, including: Programme and Project Managers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Architects, Analysts, Developers and DevOps.

The Solution

We used the combined power of our Talent Hubs and specialist 2nd tier agencies to fulfil our client’s recruitment needs

To successfully deliver the project on time and within budget, we provided the following:

  • Project management: We appointed a dedicated project manager to run the campaign and manage all associated project documentation and communication
  • Dedicated resource: We established a dedicated team to engage with client and supplier contacts. This team designed a bespoke attraction plan and engaged a key group of incumbent suppliers to ensure maximum fulfilment
  • Supplier engagement: We provided suppliers with an overview of the project requirements as well as the key skills and experience included in person specifications. We also assigned a dedicated scheduling resource to coordinate all interviews.

The Results

We successfully filled all vacancies, in the time required, either through our own resource or via our supply chain

The bank required 100 workers across multiple staffing categories to deliver the project. We were successful in filling all vacancies, either directly or via the supply chain. Since project closure, our dedicated resource and knowledge of the bank means we have continued to deliver successful outcomes:

  • We supply, on average, 2000+ workers per annum
  • We achieve 99% fill rates across all requirements
  • We supply 91% of all requirements through our own dedicated talent teams for the bank
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  • 20 years’ relationship
  • 99% fill rate maintained
  • Provide the screening/vetting service for all contingent workers
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