• Delivering a healthcare ‘one stop shop’ to a local authority

Delivering a healthcare ‘one stop shop’ to a local authority

We created a one stop shop to meet a council’s requirements for social care and healthcare workers.

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The Challenge

We needed to supply workers across the entire healthcare spectrum

A local authority required a partner to supply workers for the full range of care roles. The roles required ranged from social workers to Independent Review Officers (IROs) across children, adult, mental health and foster care.

Children and family social workers were in particularly high demand and workers were required to be fully qualified and have previous experience working within the region.

The Solution

We engaged our existing workforce in order to gain referrals for top quality candidates

We used referrals from our existing workforce to ensure that our new workforce held a strong understanding of the roles in question and were familiar with the Council’s values and cultures.

We also created a continually updated and maintained talent pool. The talent pool included candidates that were not suitable for certain vacancies but may be suitable for future requirements, enabling us to deliver a rapid service to the Council.

The Results

A first class healthcare one stop shop has been created and maintained

We currently deliver:

  • 850 hours of qualified social care every week
  • 120 hours of non-qualified care every week
  • Advanced screening for all workers
Managed Service Programmes
Local Authority
  • 100% fill rate for elderly carers
  • 850 hours of qualified social care every week
  • Advanced pre-employment screening for all workers
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